Draw No.2021083 Daily Draw
Winning Numbers
Please Pick 5 numbers
    Buy lotto 5/90 online, pick 5 numbers from the pool of 90 numbers.
    If your numbers match the draw numbers, you're a winner.
    EasyWin website draw every day, get the latest lottery results.
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    Jackpot 5/90 Lotto Online and Jackpot 5/90 Results

    How to Play Jackpot 5/90 Lotto?

    To play Jackpot 5/90, the player can choose any 5 numbers out of 90, and match these numbers with the draw numbers, you're a winner.

    What Time is the Jackpot 5/90 Draw Results?

    Daily draws, check the lotto results on the website.

    How to Win in Jackpot 5/90?

    1. Direct 5, the chosen 5 numbers match all 5 drawn numbers and you will win 220,000 Bonus.
    2. Direct 4, the chosen 4 numbers match all 4 drawn numbers and you will win 30,000 Bonus.
    3. Direct 3, the chosen 3 numbers match all 3 drawn numbers and you will win 10,500 Bonus.
    4. Direct 2, the chosen 2 numbers match all 2 drawn numbers and you will win 1,200 Bonus.
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    Jackpot 5/90
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